December 10, 2004 12:00 PM

It’s been largely a battle of the sexes this season, but as Survivor: Vanuatu – Islands of Fire heads to a final showdown Dec. 12, all loyalties are off. In competition for the $1 million prize are Chris Daugherty, Scout Cloud Lee, Twila Tanner and Eliza Orlin. To see who has the best shot, PEOPLE turned to the folks who know the game best – their former tribemates and final show jurors. Chris Crittenden, Leann Slaby, Ami Cusack and Lee ‘Sarge’ Masters (Julie Berry also joins the jury following her vote-off Thursday) give the lowdown on who’s the biggest liar, who’s the best strategist and who has an Achilles’ heel.

Chris Daugherty

Age: 34
Occupation: Highway construction worker
Hometown: South Vienna, Ohio
Status: Engaged to Lorie
Strategy so far: Let the women bicker and hope that they forget he’s still around.
Pivotal move: His slip on the balance beam resulted in the men’s loss in the first immunity challenge, yet he made it through tribal council unscathed thanks to his alliance with the older men.
In his words: “I don’t want to be somebody that goes out and provides while somebody else is sitting back and reaping the benefits of it.”

What the Jurors Say
Leann Slaby: “He hustles and is not a slacker – and that is something that shouldn’t seem important, but it is. I think he’s got a lot going for him.”
Lea ‘Sarge’ Masters: “He’s able to sit back and play people against each other, so his strength right now is a mind game.”
Chad Crittenden: “He sandbags! There’s another subtlety in his game.”

His Weakness
Slaby: “Scout was one of the founders of the ‘let’s do this all-women thing,’ and if she wants to keep that intact, maybe he’s in trouble.”

How Host Jeff Probst Sees It
“Chris has done a great job in letting the women duke it out while he continues to get wood. He is rough and rural and the equivalent of Twila – really scrappy. He put everybody at ease.”
Odds: 3:1

Scout Cloud Lee

Age: 59
Occupation: Rancher/entrepreneur
Hometown: Stillwater, Okla.
Status: In a relationship with Annie, her partner of 26 years
Strategy so far: Sweet-talk competitors into understanding her decisions.
Pivotal move: After championing the women’s alliance, she switched her allegiance to the men’s side, thus breaking Ami’s power lock.
In her words: “If honesty, integrity and loyalty don’t work, well then, lie, cheat and steal!”

What the Jurors Say
Ami Cusack: “She is a great outdoors person and spent a lot of time working with indigenous tribes, so she knows a lot of foods to eat, things to avoid, how to put things together.”
Crittenden: “Scout has a very motherly presence there. She’s a very wise woman, a sage in a lot of ways, and when you are strung out there emotionally, she’s there.”
Masters: “She lies like beyond all get-out, so she’s just a deceptive, deceitful person who has coasted through the game.”

Her Weakness
Slaby: “She has not been doing well physically since the beginning and, you know, I think she is struggling with her knee. You could see in the last challenge that it seemed like it was hard for her to walk.”

How Probst Sees It
“I look at her and think she is the most capable of being able to put a lie in the category of ‘part of the game.’ “
Odds: 5:2

Twila Tanner

Age: 42
Occupation: Highway repairwoman
Hometown: Marshall, Mo.
Status: Single mom to James, 23
Strategy so far: Hook up with whatever alliance will have her.
Pivotal move: She swore on her beloved son to keep her alliance with Ami, Leann and Eliza – only to then turn on Leann and vote her off.
In her words: “Body language and the way people laugh tells a lot about a person. And the eyes, you watch the eyes because the eyes will tell a lot about a person.”

What the Jurors Say
Cusack: “She was playing scared for a while, but now she has herself in a good position. I have to give her credit for how she’s turned herself around.”
Slaby: “She needs the money and she wants it more than anything, so I think that drive is her strongest asset right now.”
Crittenden: “Twila is a hard worker and a tough competitor as far as strength. She makes very strong bonds and she stays with her word up to a point.”

Her Weakness
Masters “She is for sale for any amount of money. Her and her maker’s got to deal with that on her own.”

How Probst Sees It
“Twila is, and this is said not as a pejorative comment but as an observation, the least equipped socially of anybody we’ve perhaps ever had in the game. This is a woman who spends most of her day working and trying to raise her son. … so to shove her into this game is fascinating to watch.”
Odds: 2:1

Monty Brinton/CBS

Eliza Orlins

Age: 21
Occupation: Pre-law student
Hometown: Syracuse, N.Y.
Status: Dating Justin for four years
Strategy so far: Divert attention from herself as a swing vote and act as a pawn in the game.
Pivotal move: By voting out Dolly Neely in a fit of paranoia early on in the game, Eliza showed herself to be a wildcard.
In her words: “I can stifle not being a leader, but being encouraging and having a positive attitude, I cannot stifle that.”

What the Jurors Say
Cusack: “She’s very genuine.”
Masters: “Eliza has kept true to just about all the values that I had when I was there, and she really hasn’t stuck anybody in the back. I don’t think she will, honestly, either.”
Crittenden: “She’s really toned down her loquaciousness. Scout wanted to get rid of her for the longest time because she was so annoying with her talking.”

Her Weakness
Cusack: “When it comes to street-smarts and the dirty real world, she’s not so smart – but I mean, she’s so young.”

How Probst Sees It
“Her Achilles’ heel is the same thing it’s been since Day One, and it’s the thing between her ears and just under her nose. I mean, it’s her mouth!
Odds: 5:1

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