July 14, 2007 06:00 AM

Victoria Beckham: Coming to America

What: Victoria Beckham gives us the skinny on her glam life in this special, which was originally planned as a reality series.
When: July 16, 8 p.m. ET on NBC
Highlights Now that she’s an L.A. resident, see if Posh and hubby David Beckham can adjust to life Stateside with their three children in tow. But the real question is: Will she crack one smile throughout the whole show?

Set for Life

What: Jimmy Kimmel hosts this new game show that gives people – what else – money!
When: July 20, 8 p.m. ET on ABC
Highlights: In this novel game show, contestants compete to win a monthly paycheck paid out for up to 40 years. No, there’s no trivia or skill involved. No briefcases either, though this sounds suspiciously like Deal or No Deal in installments.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

What: J.K. Rowling summons her magic once again for the 7th (and final) book in the series.
When: In stores at midnight on Friday, July 20
Highlights: What will we do without Hogwarts? The fate of Harry and his friends is determined in a finale that will surpass even Voldemort’s power. And is it really over for good? Rowling has teased that there may be more books down the line.


What: Elisha Cuthbert must escape from a crazy kidnapper in this horror flick.
When: In theaters July 13
Highlights: How appropriate (or is that predictable?) – a horror movie opening on Friday the 13th.

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