Still searching for the perfect Halloween costume? Let Willow give you a few great ideas

By Grace Gavilanes
October 19, 2015 10:10 AM
Courtesy Gina Lee

Still searching for the perfect Halloween costume? Let 3-year-old Willow show you how it’s done.

The toddler has been taking the Internet by storm after a Buzzfeed article showcasing her whimsical costumes immediately went viral in 2014.

Gina Lee – Willow’s mom who also happens to be a professional photographer by day – began dressing Willow in a wide range of costumes, from “hot dog on a stick” girl to Cabbage Patch Kid, after her two other kids told Lee they were too old for the treatment.

Courtesy Gina Lee

“I always try to come up with ideas that are different or a recognizable costume,” Lee tells PEOPLE of her thought process behind each holiday-themed get-up.

Courtesy Gina Lee

Willow, who already has a partnership with Netflix, where she can express her inner Red from Orange Is the New Black and Inspector Gadget himself (she’ll be debuting three more costumes soon), is often joined by her friend Cooper in photos.

Courtesy Gina Lee

“She loves dressing up,” says Lee. “Sometimes she doesn’t know what she is, like Red in Orange Is the New Black. I said ‘You’re going to hold this chicken and not let your aunties get your chicken.’ ”

Although Willow’s costumes look expensive, Lee tells PEOPLE she’s a fan of recycling certain accessories, as well as using felt. “I’m not going to spend $20 on a Wayne’s World hat. My son has a black hat, I’m just going to print the Wayne’s World sign and stick it on there,” Lee says. “We love felt and we love a hot glue gun.”