Straight talk from Jennifer Garner, John Travolta, Rob Lowe and more

By People Staff
Updated April 27, 2004 01:05 AM

• “I’m still totally happy. Two weeks ago I was riding a horse in the desert as fast as I could. And next week, I’m being tossed out of a helicopter 200 feet in the air and rappelling down. That’s so fun!”
13 Going on 30 star Jennifer Garner, on what she enjoys about her role on TV’s Alias

• “I’m thinking Gizmo if it’s a boy, and Sarsaparilla if it’s a girl.”
David Arquette, to Ellen DeGeneres, on what he and wife Courteney Cox may (or, thankfully, may not) name their child, due in July

• “It was a little nerve-racking for me just because those are half-billion-dollar lips, and I’d never actually kissed half-billion-dollar lips before.”
– Actor Riley Smith, to Sharon Osbourne, on why he was nervous smooching New York Minute costar Ashley Olsen

• “I think parents of the ’60s generation were very astute in knowing that the more you can expose a young person to, the better chance they have at learning a wide variety of things.”
24′s Kiefer Sutherland, whose dad is actor Donald Sutherland

• “I can’t remember the last time a 16-year-old said ‘I love you.’ I think, like, one girl has said that because of The West Wing. And that was (documentary filmmaker) Ken Burns’s daughter, so it almost doesn’t count.”
– Former teen heartthrob Rob Lowe, on his older fan base

• “I had a case of beer and some Krispy Kreme doughnuts waiting in my trailer the day we wrapped.”
The Punisher’s Thomas Jane, on maintaining the buff body he shows off in the film

• “Yesterday a woman posing as a cleaning lady robbed Courtney Love’s apartment. Neighbors became suspicious when they saw a cleaning lady going into Courtney Love’s apartment.”
Late Night’s Conan O’Brien

• “It’s more bad news for the man known worldwide as the King of Pop, which is apparently is what they call you when you’re good for nine years, great for two and crappy for about 20.”
The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart, referring to Michael Jackson

• “You can’t ignore at this age that you are finally an adult.”
John Travolta, who recently turned 50