It's Miss Beyonce Knowles, thank you very much, plus more from Charlize Theron and others

By People Staff
Updated October 04, 2005 06:00 AM

• “No.”
Beyonce, shutting down rumors that she and beau Jay-Z were secretly married, in the November issue of Vanity Fair

• “I have seen the breakups between people who love each other and rush into getting married too quickly. I do not want to make that mistake.”
Paris Hilton, in a statement announcing she was breaking her engagement to Paris Latsis

• “I think I should run on the ‘Yes, I did it’ ticket. It starts with, ‘And I drank the bong water.’ “
George Clooney, when asked if he would ever seek public office

• “The last article that I read (said), ‘And she has crooked teeth.’ I thought, ‘Let’s throw that one away. I don’t want to read these anymore, they’re just too stupid.’ “
– Emmy winner Patricia Arquette ( Medium), on why she no longer reads reviews

• “I can’t do nude scenes now because of the scar.”
– Rotund Sopranos actor Vincent Pastore, on undergoing emergency triple-bypass heart surgery several months ago

• “Five years later I still can’t stop talking to him, you know? We sit at a dinner and we can’t get enough of each other’s conversation. And we like making out.”
Charlize Theron, on her boyfriend, Night Stalker star Stuart Townsend

[IMAGE “1” “right” “std” ]• “You know, every dead body is just a glorious celebration.”
Chris Noth, to Katie Couric, on his return as Detective Mike Logan to Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Noth left the original series in 1995.

• “She sees something at 5,000 feet below the ocean s surface and she wants to touch it. I m like, Get me the f– out of here. ‘ “
Lake Bell, on the difference between her and the fearless oceanographer she plays on the new series Surface

• “I m a deeply lazy person”
Extras creator Ricky Gervais, on why his new HBO series is only six episodes long, to GQ