September 28, 2004 06:00 AM

• “Even though Mommy is the bad fish, I think he’ll like Mommy’s fish.”
Angelina Jolie, on allowing son Maddox to see her new animated movie Shark Tale

• “Go for the epidural.”
Gwyneth Paltrow, who gave birth to baby Apple in May, dishing advice to expectant mothers

• “Rude, vile pigs. Do you know what that means? Rude, vile pigs. That’s what all of you are.”
Elton John, to the crush of paparazzi awaiting him at the airport in Taipei, Taiwan

• “We’re all going to be 80 years old and ugly, so who cares? I’d rather have someone with a good heart than some good-looking idiot with no brain.”
– Best-selling author Paris Hilton (Confessions of an Heiress), telling Access Hollywood that looks no longer matter to her when it comes to dating

• “It was tough work, but someone has to do it.”
Susan Sarandon, on seducing costar Jude Law in Alfie

• “Don’t be surprised if I’m 65 and playing Vegas.”
– Balladeer Queen Latifah (The Dana Owens Album), on staying in music for the long haul

• “You’re like, ‘Wait a minute! Where are the icky teeth?’ Where were the icky teeth in Cold Mountain? It would’ve been so much better if Nicole Kidman smiled and she didn’t have a tooth in her head.”
Amy Sedaris, who plays neighbor Gladys Kravitz in Kidman’s Bewitched, on being sick of seeing “pretty people”

• “If people would experience real love, they wouldn’t do so many stupid things.”
Criminal’s Diego Luna, on why he needs a girlfriend

• “People say the same about Chinese food.”
Woody Allen, when asked how he answers suggestions that his films are all alike

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