November 09, 2004 06:00 AM

• “I think Pierce is just messing with me, causing me a lot of grief. I was doing a job in London last week and I arrived on the set every day and everyone was (humming the James Bond theme song).”
Colin Farrell, on hearing that Pierce Brosnan wants him to step into his 007 tux

• “I just want everyone to leave me alone – let me graduate. It’s like I’m in college and you guys won’t let me get my degree.”
Tara Reid, on being tabloid fodder once again when her left breast made an unexpected appearance at P. Diddy’s 35th-birthday bash

• “I’ve run a marathon, I did Broadway, signed on for a movie to do (Carlito’s Way: The Beginning), won men’s designer of the year, opened up a store on Fifth Avenue, got the youth vote out – and now it’s my birthday.”
P. Diddy, reflecting on the year

• “I thought he was such a cute boy.”
Nia Long, on meeting her costar and Alfie lothario Jude Law

• “I’m like Imelda Marcos – I just have a thing about shoes.”
Kinsey’s Liam Neeson

• “I mean, when you open your newspaper and you see those ads – the best this, four stars that, I huckabee, bookabee, badabee – I don’t know what any of these movies are about, but I think it all just looks like junk because every ad is saying the same thing.”
Lauren Bacall, on the quality of modern movies

• “I am honored and quite proud that a class is being taught on my sensationalist lyrics, unique style and fashion and leadership role within the hip-hop community.”
Lil’ Kim, who is the subject of an English course (“The Life and Times of Lil’ Kim”) at Syracuse University

• “Elton John is in talks with ABC to produce a new sitcom. The show will be called The Real King of Queens.
Conan O’Brien

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