June 08, 2004 03:30 PM

• “I’m not worried about people thinking I’m a bimbo. I was more the geeky bookworm type. I would have preferred to be the gorgeous blonde bimbo.”
Stepford Wives star Nicole Kidman (to Ladies’ Home Journal)

• “I see where you’re going with this, and I’m going to preface it with just saying y’all know I don’t talk about my personal life.”
– Newly married Marc Anthony, to Today’s Matt Lauer, when asked how he spent his weekend

• “I get a little sweaty and – and also, you know, it’s a little difficult sometimes for bathroom breaks.”
Tobey Maguire, to Oprah, about his form-fitting Spider-Man suit

• “For two years I’ve stood backstage and I’ve watched people’s acceptance speeches get swelled over by music when they get to the most important part. So I’m going to start with the most important: my wife.”
– Two-time Tony host Hugh Jackman, upon winning best actor in a musical (for The Boy from Oz)

• “It was pretty innocent. It was just a peck. It was fun. And (husband Dave Navarro) approves, so that’s all that matters.”
Carmen Electra, on her lip-locks with Paris Hilton and Snoop Dogg during the MTV Movie Awards

• “Quentin spent many years writing this for me and wants to be honored as if he were dead tonight. We don’t have time, so I’ll have to honor you as if you were living. Thank you, Quentin.”
Uma Thurman, paying tribute to the director upon accepting her MTV Movie Award for best female performance for Kill Bill, Vol. 2

“I was born with the ability to smell only disgusting things. You can shove a lilac up my nose and I wouldn’t smell it, but urine and BO I can smell from three blocks away.”
Larry David, on his discerning sense of smell

• “Two new polls show Arnold Schwarzenegger is the most popular governor of California since 1991. When your competition is Pete Wilson and Gray Davis, is it really that big a deal to be most popular? It’s like being the smartest Hilton sister.”
Jimmy Kimmel

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