Kate gets a "weird" taste of Owen, plus more from Orlando Bloom and others

By People Staff
Updated July 04, 2006 06:00 AM

• “Licking Owen’s face all day got really salty and weird.”
Kate Hudson, on filming a fantasy scene with You, Me and Dupree costar Owen Wilson

• “Its great … just so you can hear Barbara Walters go, ‘She has been weleased fwom her contwact.’ ”
Robin Williams, talking to Jay Leno about why the Star Jones Reynolds vs. The View controversy is good for comedians

• “I hope I have sex with him for the rest of my life, because I like it!”
Sandra Bullock, on her husband of one year, Jesse James, to Vanity Fair

• “I think German guys are really hot … I am German.”
Paris Hilton, on German TV show WM Total

• “I was saddened that the news had not come from my mother.”
Tori Spelling, on finding out about the death of her father Aaron Spelling from a friend

• “Aaron’s legacy deserved pure and unadulterated tribute and recognition, which, sadly, has been tainted.”
– A statement on behalf of the Spelling family, addressing Tori’s comments

• “We are dealing with pure evil here. They don’t target extras do they? They go for the main characters.”
J.K. Rowling, on why she bumped off two major players in the seventh and final book in her Harry Potter series

• “I’m like, ‘Mom. Who do you believe? Someone who talks rubbish or your son who is 29 years old and you’ve known since he was born and who you brought into the world?’ … She believes the rubbish.”
Orlando Bloom, on how his mother worries over tabloid reports

• “Are ya enjoyin’ hostin’ a talk show?”
The Late Late Show’s Craig Ferguson, to Amy Sedaris, after the Strangers with Candy star peppered him with questions during a flirtatious interview