Luke: Uma's no Angelina, plus more from Beyonce, Ed Burns and other stars

By People Staff
Updated July 11, 2006 12:00 PM

• “We really had fun together. I mean, she’s not going to be having our child in Namibia, but we really enjoyed working with each other.”
Luke Wilson, on his relationship with My Super Ex-Girlfriend costar Uma Thurman, to David Letterman

• “I am very perceptive about people, but then if I’m attracted to them, I’m not always looking clearly. I’m working on a decoding system – especially for men.”
Uma Thurman, to Parade magazine

• “Man, if I can get a burp out of that little thing I feel such a sense of accomplishment.”
Brad Pitt, on baby daughter Shiloh, on the Today show

• “Occasionally, if I like the person, I’ll say, ‘Please call me Pee-wee’.”
Paul Reubens, on how fans sometimes refer to him as his alter ego, “Mr. Herman,” to Conan O’Brien

• “It works. It’s better than yelling or hitting your kid.”
Rosario Dawson, on how her mom used to lick her face in public to punish her as a child, to Jay Leno

• “Were you a child that often required a lot of licking?”
Jay Leno to Dawson

• “If I have any suggestions he respects it. If he has any suggestions, I respect it. It’s just, I don’t know, easy. And fun.”
Beyoncé Knowles, in a rare comment about her relationship with Jay-Z, to Giant magazine

• “Single guys still move in packs. When you get married, you lose your pack mentality. And hanging out with a group of guys starts to feel a little weird.”
The Groomsmen writer-director Ed Burns, to UrbanDaddy

• “From the front, you can’t pick it up. But when I turn around it’s like I’m wearing a skin yarmulke.”
Kevin Smith, on his balding head, to Time