Get quick star quips from the National Treasure star, George Clooney, Julia Roberts and more

By People Staff
Updated December 07, 2004 06:00 AM

• “It’s a very thin line between (being) a romantic and a stalker, and the things that happen in the movies, I learned very quickly, don’t always work in real life.”
National Treasure star and newlywed Nicolas Cage, on courting carefully

• “I come from hardy stock. I’m Southern. That must have something to do with it.”
Julia Roberts, on being spared morning sickness, shortly before giving birth to twins Hazel and Phinnaeus Moder

• “For years, Warren has dreamed of attending these awards. Unfortunately, not as a Kennedy honoree, but as President of the United States.”
Jack Nicholson, introducing award recipient Warren Beatty at the Kennedy Center Honors

• “The man is a crock pot of different things He led one of the most exciting, insane lives I’ve ever read in my life, and I just had to play him.”
Leonardo DiCaprio, on Howard Hughes, whom he portrays in the biopic The Aviator

• “Everything J.Lo’s been offered, she could have had.”
Dustin Hoffman, joking about roles his Meet the Fockers costar Barbra Streisand has turned down

• “Mr. President. Because they have to call you by that name. If you check in as John President, they’ll call you up and say, ‘Mr. President?’ “
Ocean’s Twelve star Matt Damon, on his favorite hotel alias

• “We were at a restaurant and I just lifted up my shirt. And he fell off the stool.”
George Clooney, on surprising costar Damon with his 30-lb. weight gain for Syrianna, their next film together

• “Thanks for all that I have learned from you. That has been my richest reward.”
Tom Brokaw, to viewers as he signed off as anchor of NBC’s Nightly News

• “Welcome to the neighborhood.”
– CBS anchor Dan Rather, to Brokaw’s replacement, Brian Williams

• “Paris Hilton has announced that she has created a new perfume. Like Hilton, the perfume will be found in bedrooms everywhere.”
Conan O’Brien