Get quick star quips from Tom Cruise, Lindsay Lohan and more

By People Staff
Updated August 10, 2004 06:00 AM

• “If you could put the career of Will Smith, Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs, L.A. Reid and Michael Jackson all in one, there you have it. Those are some big shoes to fill, but I’ve got big feet.”
– R&B star Usher, on whose career he would like to emulate

• “I’m looking. Nothing official… I really am the kind of guy who’s going to get married again. But if I meet a girl, I’m not going to marry her next week. But I really do love relationships, but nothing, nothing official.”
Tom Cruise on dating

• “I’m so sick and (expletive) tired of every single actor with their six-pack and how it’s just a standard. You just don’t see people in movies without sculpted bodies with their shirts off unless they’re meant to be some heavyweight redneck, and then they go to the other extreme. It’s bothersome because I just don’t think it really reflects real people.”
The Village star Joaquin Phoenix on body image in Hollywood

• “I watched Nirvana perform, I talked to Kurt Cobain, I talked to (Eric) Clapton, I got to work with (Chris) Farley every day. But I was so self-obsessed with survival – survival on the show and then mental health survival and back to survival on the show – I certainly didn’t take time to smell the roses.”
Jay Mohr, on his frustrating two-year stint as a writer and performer on Saturday Night Live

• “I was raised thinking I’d burn in hell for being gay, but I didn’t have a choice. It’s just who I am. So when my agency told me I’d have to be openly gay to do Queer Eye, it was a decision, but it was like, ‘It’s Bravo. Who watches Bravo?’ ”
Jai Rodriguez, part of the Emmy-nominated “Fab Five” of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

•”If this matures into a serious relationship, he’ll be my first real boyfriend. But I don’t know. I’m only 18. I wanna have fun.”
Lindsay Lohan, on boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama

• “Every girl or woman that I’ve gone out with, I’ve always compared Mary to them. I wanted to bond with them on many different levels. And I couldn’t do that with any other girl, because I constantly thought about Mary.”
Vili Fualaau, now 21, to Today, on his feelings for former teacher Mary Kay Letourneau

• “What we are doing here is the direct outgrowth from the ideas that I’ve tried to sing about for the past 25 years. Hopefully, we have built up a lot of credibility with our fans over the years. There comes a moment when you have to spend some of it. This is that moment.”
Bruce Springsteen, on why he decided to air his political views before this year’s election

“Good news for tourists and everybody here in New York and the United States, actually: the Statue of Liberty has been reopened. That’s exciting. It underwent a two-year restoration and this was all paid for not by tax dollars, but by corporate sponsors. And I think that explains why now, instead of a torch, she’s holding a can of Red Bull.”
David Letterman

• “We are not going to arrest everybody who has a joint. There’s no way we can do that.”
– Vermont State Police Maj. Jim Dimmick, referring to the farewell concert by jam band Phish taking place in Coventry, Vt., this weekend