Tom explains the "silent birth," plus more from Jennifer Aniston, J.Lo and others

By People Staff
Updated April 18, 2006 06:00 AM
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

• “If (fiancée Katie Holmes) needs an epidural, she’s going to get her epidural. And if she’s going to make noise, she’s going to make noise. But why have other people make noise? You know, you want that area very calm and to make it very special.”
Tom Cruise, explaining Scientology’s “silent birth” to Diane Sawyer

• “I took this job because it said Snakes on a Plane. I didn’t have to read the script: You got a plane full of snakes! That’s all I need to know!”
Samuel L. Jackson, on why he decided to star in the cult horror film, to Rolling Stone

• “It sounds like you’re giving me Santa Barbara!”
Jennifer Aniston, on the phone to Oprah Winfrey, refuting a tabloid report that the talk-show host was throwing her an $8 million wedding

• “I saw him as, like, a cross between Mike Tyson and Liberace.”
Joe Gannascoli, on playing gay mobster Vito on HBO’s The Sopranos

• “Since they are all soap actors, imagine them with their clothes on.”
Ellen DeGeneres, on how to survive a live audience, to Daytime Emmys host Kelly Monaco

• “It’s kind of like being naked. Your entire shape is revealed. It felt Superman-esque.”
Jack Black, on wearing spandex pants while playing a Mexican wrestler in his new film Nacho Libre, to Premiere

• “He makes me slow down and eat lunch, which I used not to do. We have different philosophies. I’ve been so disciplined. His process is ‘Chill, don’t kill yourself.’ “
Jennifer Lopez, on husband Marc Anthony, to Harper’s Bazaar

• “All of my sisters are blonde, light-eyed and light-skinned. They used to tell me that they switched me at the hospital, they found me in a Dumpster. They were so mean to me when I was little!”
Eva Longoria, to the Los Angeles Times

• “She unzips the luggage and I’m naked in my socks.”
Ray Romano, on going on vacation with his wife (and no kids), to Ellen DeGeneres