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August 25, 2006 06:00 AM

• “That’s what people really want to see. They want to see a host responding to Doris Roberts’s dress catching fire. And I have a plan for that. I have a torch.”
Conan O’Brien, on coming back to host this year’s Emmys since his last turn at the podium in 2002

• “It’s tough when people are celebrated or become famous before they grow into themselves as an actor and as a human being…I’m just incredibly lucky to be so unpopular and uninteresting for so long.”
Jeremy Piven, on getting a supporting actor nod for Entourage

• “I would be lying to you if I didn’t say I am insanely happy. I’m surprised this has happened as quickly as it has. I’m very grateful. My skin is tingling all over right now.”
– Best actress nominee Julia Louis-Dreyfus, on getting recognition for her new show, The New Adventures of Old Christine

• “I think the best part will be getting to see everyone in their Emmy outfits. I can promise you this – no Pam hair.”
Jenna Fischer, on not attending the awards as her alter ego on The Office, which is up for five Emmys (including comedy series), to

• “She gave me a big hug and said, ‘Honey, I get to go shopping!’ So she had her priorities in line.”
Law & Order: SVU’s Chris Meloni, on his wife’s reaction to his first Emmy acting nod, to Regis Philbin

• “It’s a double-edged sword all the way along this whole process because, ‘Oh fantastic, I’ve been nominated. Oh (expletive), what am I going to wear?’ “
– Dame Helen Mirren, on getting an acting nod for the miniseries Elizabeth I, to the Associated Press

Lisa Kudrow

• “I usually have some nervous ritual where I have a shot of something … not an injection of something, but a shot, a drink.”
Lisa Kudrow, up for The Comeback, on her pre-awards tradition, to the Associated Press

• “Being an Emmy virgin, I just wanted this special experience to be really gentle and loving.”
Will Arnett, up for best supporting actor for Arrested Development, to

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