Get quick star quips from Berry, Maria Sharapova, George Bush and more

By People Staff
Updated September 06, 2004 06:00 AM

• “My marriage may have fallen apart, but I have a great new cat named Playdough. There’s nothing better than a cat who shows you love. They’re selective and picky. I’m applying (those qualities) to my own life from now on.”
Catwoman star Halle Berry

• “Unfortunately, you become a celebrity if you become popular. I get more fans – some crazy – and paparazzi. I figure I let them take my picture and get on with my life.”
– Wimbledon champ Maria Sharapova, 17, on her skyrocketing popularity

• “I just don’t want to play old. That’s what I’m concerned about out there. I feel like if I can still play my tennis, then I’m proud of that.”
Andre Agassi, 34, denying he’ll retire after his 19th consecutive year at the U.S. Open

• “People sometimes have to correct my English. I knew I had a problem when Arnold Schwarzenegger started doing it.”
George W. Bush, accepting his party’s nomination at the Republican National Convention

• “Maybe he’ll change his mind about gay marriage. He’s certainly not going to leave feeling more right-winged.”
John Waters, on the rumor that the President and First Lady might catch a performance of his campy musical Hairspray

• “If he was my own personal representative (as an American), he would be fired.”
Sopranos star Edie Falco, on President Bush

• “I wanted something that would strike up controversy. You can’t not vote. People have died to have that right.”
P. Diddy, on his “Vote or Die” campaign slogan

• “Our choice wasn’t between a benign status quo and the bloodshed of war. It was between war and a graver threat. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Not our critics abroad. Not our political opponents. And certainly not a disingenuous filmmaker who would have us believe that Saddam’s Iraq was an oasis of peace, when in fact it was a place of indescribable cruelty, torture chambers, mass graves.”
– Sen. John McCain, blasting Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11

• “Thank you, John McCain. The film’s doing $120 million. (Now) I have a chance to do $150 million?. I felt bad that McCain got set up by the Bush people to comment on a film he hasn’t seen. Anytime McCain wants a screening, I’d be happy to do that because I think he’d like it.”
Michael Moore

• “Although I truly believe this encounter between us was consensual, I recognize now that she did not, and does not, view this incident the same way I did.”
Kobe Bryant, in a statement after criminal rape charges against him were dismissed.

• “To do a solo record means trying to pour my heart out, which I feel like I already do in No Doubt. This is more of an art project.”
Gwen Stefani, on her album due this fall

• “I’m not into breakfast in bed. I don’t want to spoil anyone else’s fun, but I don’t like waking up with an English Muffin up my ass.”
David Duchovny