May 08, 2007 06:00 AM

• “I feel that I was treated unfairly, and that the sentence is both cruel and unwarranted. I don’t deserve this.”
Paris Hilton, after being sentenced to 45 days in jail for violating probation after driving with a suspended license

• “I hope that someone else will learn from the tape, as I have.”
David Hasselhoff, in a statement discussing a recently released videotape in which he appears intoxicated

• “I can’t even go to the dry cleaner by myself anymore. You’re seen in public with anybody that you might not even know, and you’re speculated about.”
Jessica Biel, on the media’s interest in her love life, to Elle

• “I’m used to ‘dork, silly, geeky, awkward, you’re too enthusiastic you’re scaring me’ – those are the things I’m used to hearing from people. So this is a nice change of pace.”
Drew Barrymore, on being chosen as the cover girl for PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful issue

• “I’m never going to shun, disrespect or neglect anybody who shows me genuine non-psychotic love.”
Michelle Rodriguez, embracing her lesbian fans, in a post on her Web site

• “I do it on airplanes. I do it behind the puzzle board at Wheel of Fortune between rounds.”
Vanna White, on her crocheting hobby, on DIY Network’s DIY Inside: Craft and Hobby Show 2007

• “The hair was going around and around and I was like… ooooh… Stay On!”
Kelly Ripa, on worrying about Britney Spears keeping her wig in place during her comeback performance, on Live with Regis and Kelly

Tobey Maguire

• “He told me that for someone of my body type to get to a size 12, I would have to eat a lot of sh—- food, stop exercising and drink loads. But I don’t want to have to go round eating crap and being really unhealthy in order for people to stop having a go at me.”
Keira Knightley, on consulting a doctor about how to put on weight so she could quash anorexia rumors, to British Elle

• “But it’s nice to sleep, too.”
Spider-Man 3 star Tobey Maguire, on why he chooses not to wake up for every midnight feeding of his 6-month-old daughter Ruby, even though he was excited to be “super dad,” on Ellen

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