April 13, 2004 01:00 AM

• “I’m sort of enjoying being single. It’s nice to be able to slip in and out of roles and relationships.”
Ella Enchanted’s Anne Hathaway, who always gets her Prince Charming (onscreen, at least)

• “A lot of performers bring candles and photographs with them when they travel to make their hotel rooms feel like home. I bring my parents.”
Mandy Moore, who just turned 20 and still lives with Mom and Dad

• “Everyone looked the same – everyone had it down to such a perfect T. You get bored. That’s when you have to say, ‘I will be worst-dressed.’ “
Kill Bill star Uma Thurman, on her questionable choice of Oscar attire this year

• “Initially I was thinking this would be my Dollars Trilogy. I was going to do a new one every 10 years. But I need at least 15 years before I do this again.”
– Director Quentin Tarantino, on the possibility of a Kill Bill, Vol. 3

• “When I’m completely finished with the show, I’m exhausted. I’m ready to pass out. I’m like, ‘Okay, this is wonderful, but give me a bed.’ “
Beyonce, on the physical demands of her Ladies First tour

• “My character, like most people in life, stumbles or stutters or flies off doing what’s not right. That’s not P. Diddy. That ain’t me.”
Sean Combs, on how he differs from his character in Broadway’s A Raisin in the Sun

• “That’s the great thing about this show – it’s great if you’re wrecked. Please drink or smoke before you come.”
Tim Robbins, referring to his Off-Broadway satirical play, Embedded

• “When you have a name like Cedric the Entertainer, that’s pressure.”
Ellen DeGeneres, welcoming the comic on her talk show

• “Everyone is looking for love, and we’ve found it. It’s like coming upon a treasure.”
– Actor Stuart Townsend, on his relationship with Oscar winner Charlize Theron

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