By People Staff
Updated March 28, 2007 12:40 PM
Credit: Scott Doctor/Splash News

Week 2

The red spotlight is never a good feeling. Ugh, I don’t miss that at all …

I can’t say I was surprised to see Paulina and Shandi in the Bottom 2. Paulina definitely doesn’t look like she’s danced much, although her first dance wasn’t bad. This week, it looked like she just psyched herself out so much that she couldn’t get into it. As for Shandi, next week she’s gonna have to let loose and show the voters that she will do the dance 100% whether or not she knows the moves. The thing she needs to remember is it’s not all about the technical aspects – you can pull off a not-so-good dance by doing the best you can and having fun with it. Look how far it took Jerry Springer!

This week I have a few faves:
Joey and Kym: They seem to have such a great relationship. The best thing for Joey is he’s having fun and that’s half the battle. You can make mistakes, but as long as you’re having fun, they may not notice. I think these guys are gonna definitely make it to the end.

Ian and Cheryl: I also enjoyed watching Cheryl, of course. She never lets you down and always brings it. Ian has a great teacher and if he listens she can take him to the end.

Laila and Maksim: They’re awesome. She went out there and rocked it. Laila, by far, moved the best. She just let loose and doesn’t have any insecurities about doing something new and that definitely shows. And how cute is the dynamic between her and Maksim? I mean, it can’t suck working out with him all day … LOL. They definitely deserved the encore dance – they both brought their A-games and Laila looked like she was having a night out at the clubs and not like she was in a dancing competition.

As for the other celebrities … The biggest improvement for the week was Billy Ray. After last week, I didn’t think he had a chance. But he came back this week with a great song and looked like he’d practiced his butt off. It definitely showed. And Heather Mills looked liked she had a blast. I have to say she came out and really moved it and on Dancing you have to dance each dance like it’s your last – and she definitely did just that.

And how cute are John and Edyta? I think he is the new Jerry Springer. You just wanna root for him. He knows he’s not the best dancer and that doesn’t stop him from trying his best. I was worried he was going to faint after watching their rehearsals, but he came out there and killed it. Super cute.

I’m excited for next week. Remember – the only way to keep your favorite couple on is to vote. Every vote counts!

Shanna xoxo