October 10, 2007 01:00 PM

After getting their best score in the competition so far (27!) for their quick-kicking jive, Sabrina Bryan and her professional partner Mark Ballas, the youngest competitors in the ballroom, earned praise from the judges and a standing ovation from the studio audience – again! Safe from elimination on Dancing with the Stars, the duo chats about Mark’s favorite dance, her paw-printed outfit and ballroom vs. Cheetah dancing.

On the jive: This week was really tough for Mark and I because it’s a hard dance to choreograph, to begin with, and I’m putting all this pressure on him because I wanted to do the best I could because he loves it so much.

On this week’s outfit: Cheetahs are the fastest cats in the jiggy jungle! We’re rocking the blue streak in the hair. Always!

On dancing with the Cheetah Girls vs. in the ballroom: [Fellow Cheetah Girls] Adrienne [Bailon] and Kiely [Williams] were here the first week and they were even like, “It’s going to be so easy for her.” And when they saw me stressing out so much – and they never see me stressing out with any Cheetah Girl thing ever – they couldn’t believe it! It is so easy for me to get out there and perform with the Cheetah Girls and this is so difficult for me. Performing like this is a whole other level.

On seeing friend and DWTS alum Monique Coleman in the audience: She was like, “Oh my gosh! Girlfriend, I cannot believe it.” We talked about it last week and she was so excited for me. She really pumped me up. She came and visited me in my trailer before the show and was like, “Dude, You better stay in the running for the girls out there.”

Mark’s professional opinion: Latin and Ballroom compared to jazz and hip-hop is a completely different ballgame. It actually could work to her disadvantage. We’ve had to break old habits. I’m really proud of her.

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