October 17, 2007 11:45 AM

Who knew that Sabrina Bryan, Little Miss Lovable Cheetah Girl herself, had a fierce side? Cheetahs do have claws, and in week four of the Dancing with the Stars competition Bryan dug in deep with the paso doble and earned the season’s first perfect score with pro partner Mark Ballas.

On dancing the paso doble: It was totally hard to get into the vibe of this dance. All of our other dances have been very fun, happy-go-lucky and very playful, and this one was about being serious and intense. It’s really hard for me to get into that mode.

On creating the look:We went for this deep purple color, and when I tried on my gown, it was completely covered in the front and it was a little too conservative looking. They asked if I wanted to open it up a little bit and I did. The gown is long, but it has a very high slit in the leg. Again, very dramatic. The makeup is heavy, my nails are painted purple. I committed to this one! It was all about being fierce this week.

On feeling the Cheetah Girl power:[Fellow Cheetah Girl] Adrienne [Bailon] was crying last night with my mom after we danced. And Kiely [Williams], as soon as I got off stage – she was in New York and was watching it live – I had a text message and email from her saying, “Oh my God, you are amazing. I love you! I miss you!”

On nabbing a perfect 30: We couldn’t wait to get out of here so we could watch it on TV! It was exciting to see [the judges] go, “10! 10! 10!” And then Mark got a pizza and iced his knees and I went out to dinner with some of my girlfriends. Tomorrow we’ll start working on the rumba!

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