The Dancing star talks about being sexy and staying classy with the rumba

By Monica Rizzo
Updated October 24, 2007 11:00 AM

This week’s Dancing with the Stars competition had Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan doing a rumba in the jungle. Sleek and sexy in a sparkly sequined mauve colored gown, Bryan and professional partner Mark Ballas wowed the audience and the judges once again, receiving a standing ovation and 28 out of 30 points. Now, Bryan advances to next week’s dance, the fox trot.

On dancing the rumba: I was nervous about it. When he explained what the rumba was going to be about, my first thought went to my fans and making sure that it wasn’t overly raunchy. I really relied on Mark to make it nothing but a classy routine. [We] let the audience know that you can be sexy in an appropriate way. I am 23, so it was nice to embrace my age. I get the opportunity to be so young and vibrant all the time. It was nice to spread my wings.

On her dad’s reaction: My dad is very conservative. They are in Hawaii this week for his birthday and I’m missing it, which is so sad. They saw the show and they absolutely loved it. My dad was like “Wow! Okay!” He does not know how to react to stuff like that. I’m sure he was just thrilled with the closeness of Mark and me. Oh well.

On tightening up: A lot of people are making a lot of comments. The hair and makeup people were going crazy. I walked in and they said from last week to this week they have seen such a huge change in my body. Mark is just working my butt off in rehearsals and I’m making sure to eat healthy. The second we get into the studio it’s like the energy just kicks in. That’s what I love about the changes. Before we started this process I was feeling really drab. I love the fact that I have so much energy.

On getting into the groove: We hate Sundays. It’s always a bad day and we tell people not to talk to us because it’s the day before the show and things are intense. If something isn’t going right you want to change it but it’s kind of too late. Mondays are pretty good. We get really hyped for the routine. We have Red Bull. Sometimes I freak out and Mark calms me down. He’s the voice of reason. In my trailer I always listen to “Black Betty” by Ram Jam. That gets me in the mood to go out there.