August 17, 2005 06:00 AM

Put 31 former reality-show contestants together to vie for cash and prizes and what do you get? Bravo’s Battle of the Network Reality Stars, where dodgeball and kayaking take the place of backstabbing and conniving. PEOPLE caught up with some of the most talked-about faces of reality TV and found out what they’ve been doing with their 15 minutes.

Ryan Starr

Claim to fame: American Idol season one; The Surreal Life
Favorite challenge: Dodgeball
Getting bruised and battered on Battle of the Network Reality Stars was no big deal for Ryan Starr, 22. “It was like being at camp,” she says. “You don’t really care because you’re having so much fun.” It was also a relief to get away from the histrionics of her last reality-show outing, The Surreal Life. “This show isn’t about drama – it’s about competition.”

The Idol finalist, who lives with three roommates in Santa Monica, is working to get her singing career on track. She is looking for a record deal and recording music she describes as “very rock ‘n’ roll – kind of a modern-day Pat Benatar.” And after recently ending a relationship, she’s back on the market: “I’m definitely looking for cute boys.”

Adam Mesh

Claim to fame: Average Joe and Average Joe: Adam Returns
Favorite challenge: Diving high jump
After looking for love on two reality shows, Adam Mesh found it the last place he thought he would: his apartment building. Mesh, 29, recently got engaged to his neighbor, Jessica Malca, 24, a financier. Ironically, the early moments of their courtship were caught on tape. “My friend had a video camera at this party, and in the video was us talking,” he says.

As for doing Battle, Mesh – who is a partner in New York City stock-trading company Prestige Capital – says, “(Survivor‘s) Richard Hatch was the guy I most wanted to beat.”

Heidi Bressler

Claim to fame: The Apprentice season one
Favorite challenge: Mechanical bull-riding
“People look at The Apprentice and think that I’m tough and that I curse and smoke 24-7,” says Heidi Bressler, 31. “I’m really a sweet, loyal girl. But if you annoy me, I’m going to be verbal about it.”

The single real-estate broker – who splits her time between Philadelphia and New York City – was reunited with her former Apprentice nemesis, Omarosa, on Battle, but says no sparks flew. “She was ridiculed by the other contestants,” says Bressler. “I just sat back and laughed.”

Post-Apprentice, Bressler wrote the business book The Key to Success: Never Taking No for an Answer, and she’ll appear with other female former Apprentice wannabes, including Ereka Vetrini and Kristen Kirchner, in a 2006 calendar. But she doesn’t regret not scoring a gig with The Donald. “I don’t want to work under him,” she says. “I want to work against him.”

Evan Marriott

Claim to fame: Joe Millionaire
Favorite challenge: Inner-tube water polo
Evan Marriott, 31, wasn’t hoping to find Ms. Right when he signed up to dupe bachelorettes into thinking he was filthy rich on Joe Millionaire. “I did it strictly because they offered me $50,000,” he says. “That was the sole reason.” His reason for doing Battle? “I had nothing else going on with my time.”

The former construction worker, who lives in Orange County, Calif., is still “trying to find out what I want to do career-wise” and occasionally does construction jobs “to help out friends.” Still single, he considers himself a confirmed bachelor. “I will be single until the day I am put six feet under,” says Marriott. “But that’s the reason that I might be wrong – it happens when you’re not looking.”

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