By People Staff
Updated December 20, 2006 12:00 PM

Is your New Year’s resolution to lose some pounds? VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club host and creator of the Fast Smash diet, Dr. Ian, has some easy, healthy tips so you can start your weight-loss plan at your very next meal:

1. Leave a Third
Restaurant portions are notoriously over-generous. So when dining out, control your portions by leaving ½ of whatever’s on your plate – whether it’s a salad or a steak.

2. Cut out Alcohol
“Liquid calories are very dangerous and hidden,” Dr. Ian says. (A glass of white wine can contain up to 150 calories.)

3. Ditch Starchy Food
“Eliminate or drastically reduce … white bread, white potatoes, and white rice,” he suggests. (White bread, for example, is made from refined flour that has almost no fiber or nutrients.)

4. Get Your Heart Rate Up
For new dieters, Dr. Ian suggests 30 minutes of exercise, three times a week. “Just to start, that works very well,” he says. The 30 minutes could be any kind of cardio: running on a treadmill, swimming or tennis. No gym near you? “Go to the local high school and do stadium steps – climb steps.”

You can also try losing weight the Celebrity Fit Club way with the show’s official diet, Dr. Ian’s Fat Smash diet. “I think it is unrealistic to ask people to eliminate fun foods from their diet,” he says. “The philosophy behind my diet is one of realism.” The diet starts out with a nine-day detox (eating a lot of fruits and vegetables), then slowly adds back in lean meat, protein and lots of fiber. (Want to learn more? Check out Dr. Ian’s best-selling book at his Web site.)