By People Staff
Updated July 17, 2007 06:00 AM

Week Four: Dancing with the Pros!

I finally got to dance with Cheryl and Edyta! I’ve been trying to cut in on those two for a long time.

We were just in Toronto, playing outside of the city in Hamilton, and after the show we all went out to a salsa club conveniently located right across the street from our hotel. The girls of DWTS know how to have a good time, and of course, they know how to dance, but so much fun seeing them out just having a good time – freestyle – on the floor.

It’s sort of old-school romantic… Like hearing how my parents would go dancing and couples would share dances and switch partners but in a very gentlemanly way. So everybody dances with everyone… And that’s how it is hanging with this crew. Lots of energy. But it’s much harder to be out there with these pros without a choreographer and memorized steps. You really gotta let go more and let loose and then you get the hang of it.

Maybe it was just my imagination, but I think Edyta (Sliwinska) asked me to dance. And maybe she did only because I’ve been bugging her for two years for a dance! She is everything she seems and even sweeter than that. I think I did all right out there… I think you have to lead and really go for it. She was very encouraging and absolutely stunning… and a ton of fun! And if that wasn’t enough, I got to get down with Ms. Cheryl Burke, too!

That’s my girl! She is where the fun is. And I don’t need to tell you how it is to dance with her cuz you can only imagine… But I’ll tell you it was all good! It’s really fun to be out just having fun with these pros. Even though I work with them and they are my colleagues, I am still a fan and they have those big personalities, so it’s nice to see the other side of them…

Like I’ve been saying, it’s a lot of laughs and good times!!!

Sleepless from the salsa,


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