Week Three: Read McIntyre's Dancing with the Stars tour blog

By People Staff
Updated July 09, 2007 03:15 PM

Week Three: Lucky Number ‘7’ at the Casino

7/7/7 in a casino…

Well, “ol’ money bags” is high rollin’! I’m talking about Joey Fatone, of course.

The “Swinging Aces” are back together – that’s one in a revolving door of names for the four of us (McIntyre, Joey Lawrence, Joey Fatone and Drew Lachey). … If you have any ideas send them along. (E-mail them to editor@people.com, and we’ll send them to Joey.) But I think you gotta see us do our thing before you give us a tag. We have a good time singing together and I think the audiences are diggin’ it.

We had a couple of shows at Mohegan Sun (in Connecticut) this weekend and hit the tables a little bit.

Can’t say we lit it up on the craps tables but then we played a little blackjack and came alive. Fatone was the heavy at the table with the big chips, Drew kept warning me that I was losing my diaper money and J-Law was taking it slow – not interested in wasting to much dough but still a player. I pointed out that mine and Joey Fatone’s piles of chips reflect the timing of our boy-band successes. I was playing with 25’s and he was playing 100’s. … But every time I got blackjack I’d tell him, “Here come the New Kids!” in that obnoxious-casino-gambling-have-to-be-there sort of way. It was good fun and I got to hang out with my old man, who drove down from Boston to see the show. He thought it was marvelous. He keeps calling our expectant baby “Tommy.” He’s laying it on thick, trying to pass down his namesake. We’ll see…

The “Four Jacks” do get along very well. Maybe it’s because we’ve all been around and “seen it all” so there’s not a lot of drama and some healthy respect going around. Plus we’ve all worked hard to get where we are, and it’s nice to get to a point where you can do good work AND have a few laughs at the same time.

They say luck is being prepared when opportunity knocks… Well, maybe we’re just lucky.

Of course, you can ask the other guys and get 3 different answers, but what do they know?

Cha cha cha…


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