Week One: He's blogging on the road with his wife and Dancing with the Stars

By People Staff
Updated June 28, 2007 12:00 PM

Week One: Getting Naked, and Getting Joey Fatone to Pay

I can’t believe it’s only been a week. What a week it was.

First of all, we are having a lot of laughs as we did on the winter tour, but now we have added Joey Fatone to the mix and now the laughs keep coming.

As always it is a real pleasure to share the stage with the pros. And they are all gorgeous… the girls of course. I’m not partial to Alec Mazo’s chest, but he is a good guy and his fiancé Edyta is something to behold. But enough about my schoolboy crushes.

I’m busy trying to get ready to be a dad, but lucky for me I have nothing to worry about cuz I have my amazing wife to do all the work… just kidding. We worry that the bus gets a little bumpy but I bet the baby likes it.

The thing I always take away from each production I do, whether it’s theater or music or a movie, is the fun times and friendships you gain and I certainly have my share with DWTS. Last night a bunch of us went out to dinner after the show in Miami, sort of hosted by Joey Fatone – “Money bags” I call him – at the Delano on South Beach. Cheryl and Joey Lawrence’s brother Matt – I think that is common knowledge by now… they make a really sweet couple – Kym Johnson, and a few of Joey Fatone’s buddies including Alfonso Ribeiro. We were sitting next to each other and he starts talking DWTS. He’s very opinionated, as I am, about the whole show. That’s the thing that fans of the show might find interesting – we talk “around the water cooler” just like everyone else… maybe more so. But we all know where to draw the line with the drama… sort of. But there’s plenty of material for jokes.

So as the dinner wound down my wife, Barrett, and I wanted to see the beach real quick – plus we had to take our Yorkie out for a walk. There’s nothing like the ocean at Miami’s South Beach. And so there we were at 2 in the morning in the moon light.

“Honey, I gotta do it,” I said.

And in I went in – in my birthday suit. It was a little tough getting the wet sand off my feet to put my pants back on but definitely worth it. The water was “the b–ls” as my father would say. Kind of fun considering we were just sitting at the dinner table.

As we walked back to the table, I got a text from Joey saying they were leaving for the club. My wife and I had no intention of going to any club.

I also wasn’t trying to ditch on paying the bill… But it was good timing.

Once again ol’ money bags picked up the check. Thanks, Joey… Next time McDonald’s on me… all you can eat!
– jm

P.S. My wife is the best and most beautiful dancer of them all!

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