By Serena Kappes
Updated June 06, 2006 06:00 AM

Janice Dickinson doesn’t pull any punches. Give her a subject and she’ll go off: Her stint on The Surreal Life? “A complete facade of surrealism.” Leaving America’s Next Top Model? “I got the boot because I’m too forward.” Now the former supermodel, 51, has another venture to get hyped about: her Oxygen reality show, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency (premiering tonight), documenting her new business foray. The single mom (to son Nathan, 19, and daughter Savannah, 12) and author (her third book, Check Please! Dating, Mating & Extricating, hits stores today) chatted with about her tyrannical tendencies and which legendary rocker she’d love to date.

Tell me about your reality show.
This isn’t a reality show – it’s a documentary of a single mother doing a start-up business. This is the most fun rollercoaster ride I’ve ever encountered – I thrive on the adrenaline factor. I have experience as a photographer and a supermodel and a writer, and now I want to do the industry part as an agent. I think I’ve come full circle.

What are you like as a boss?
I’m a tyrant. I’m a perfectionist, but I also have a lot of passion. At first there was a lot of fear involved so I screamed.

What’s the best lesson you learned from your modeling days that you’re trying to impart to your charges?
Hopefully not to make the mistakes that I did – becoming an alcoholic and chemically addicted person. I was at the top of an industry and I just left it in 1985. I handed my crown to Cindy Crawford and went to Europe because I couldn’t take all of my friends who were dying of AIDS. The advice that I’d like to give is just get back on the horse and keep walking.

You’ve been very open about getting plastic surgery – is there anything you wouldn’t do to your body?
No, if it makes you feel good, go do it. I’ve had my breasts done, I’ve had a facelift – I’m happy with who I am. It works for me.

You’ve also given acting a try. What’s your role like in the upcoming Wassup Rockers?
I play a 38-year-old agorophobic who can’t leave the house. It’s a dramatic role – I get electrocuted in the bathtub. I did it in one take – I put Hitchcock to shame.

You give dating advice in your new book. What qualities must a guy possess to interest you?
First of all, they have to smell good, second of all they have to make you laugh and they have to look reasonably hygienic.

What’s you first-date pet peeve?
If I see that they’re taking drugs and not paying attention to me.

And you’re single at the moment?
Yes. I heard Paul McCartney is getting a divorce – can you hook me up? I’m not kidding.