By People Staff
April 07, 2008 06:00 AM

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, getting touchy-feely in an elevator up to Sushi Park in Los Angeles. Once in the restaurant, the affectionate couple had a quick meal, remaining very cute and loving, an onlooker reports.

David and Victoria Beckham, lunching at the Sunset Towers in Los Angeles. Joined by security guards, the footballer and his wife spent a few hours lounging by the pool – and causing a scene thanks to their beefy security detail. According to a source, Becks lunched on spaghetti and tomato sauce while his wife opted for a salad. The couple ended their meal with a treat –for a fellow diner. A girl at the neighboring table couldn’t stop staring at the Beckhams, so they went over, shook her hand and graciously took a picture. Also at the Sunset Towers: Michael C. Hall, celebrating his Peabody Award with his Dexter costar and girlfriend Jennifer Carpenter.

Nicky Hilton, poking beau David Katzenberg and whispering in his ear during a night out at Foxtail in Los Angeles. At some points, Katzenberg would chat with friends who approached while Hilton remained patiently seated. Later, the designer danced in her seat to a Mya song, according to an onlooker, and laughed out loud with some friends who joined the couple.

Bruce Willis and Emma Hemming
Edward Opinaldo/ Pacific Coast News

Bruce Willis, strolling hand-in-hand with girlfriend Emma Hemming around New York’s Time Warner Center and looking, in the words of one eyewitness, “glowingly in love.”

Keanu Reeves, arriving at hot new L.A. restaurant Comme ça for dinner a deux. Along with his tall, dark-haired date, the actor sunk into a table in the back of the restaurant. The two held hands occasionally and even shared some dishes, including lamb shank, bouillabaisse, escargot, risotto and pomme frites – and, of course, wine!


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