People Staff
August 19, 2004 04:00 PM

Natalie Portman: “Oprah. She is just so smart, together and loving. She’d be wonderful.”

Andy Richter: “Paris Hilton, because she’d have some new DVD coming out right before the election.”

Diana DeGarmo: “Hilary Duff and I would take on the election. Us young’uns are coming up in the world. Our slogan would be, ‘You Can Trust Us.’ ”

Edie Falco: “Meryl Streep. She’s so brilliant and well-informed.”

Kyle MacLachlan: “Tiger Woods, because he could help me with my golf game.”

Andy Dick: “Queen Latifah. She’s just classy.”

Kelly Ripa: Mario Cuomo. I just love him. I’d choose him for anything.

Mo’Nique: “Jamie Foxx would by my VP, ’cause he’s sexy. I need something good to look at when I’m making tough decisions. And as President, if my Vice President is not a looker, I might make the wrong decision.”

Jack Osbourne: “In all honesty, Marilyn Manson. Because he is one of the smartest, most intelligent men I’ve ever met. He appears to be this nutcase, but he’s got his s— together. He’s a good friend.”

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg: “Archbishop Don Magic Juan.”

Ted Allen: “My candidacy would last about 15 seconds before someone started digging through the Queer Eye archives. I’d probably be better at cooking for the President then running for the office myself.”

Tucker Carlson: “Anna Kournikova. She’s not a great tennis player, so she must be good at something.”

Geraldo Rivera: “Anna Nicole Smith. I’ve always loved Anna, I love her understated elegance. Her demure, understated elegance.”

Bill Rancic: “Ben Affleck, because he’s a guy’s guy, he’s a lot of fun. He seems like a real level-headed guy, he’s real down to earth, and he knows how to have fun.”

Farnsworth Bentley: “Tom from Tom & Jerry because he never stops. He’s always going after what he truly wants and what he believes in. It doesn’t matter how much he gets hurt or how much people laugh at him when he falls on his face – he’s still going after his goals.”

Simon Rex: “I would pick Howard Stern, just because he says what he thinks. I think we’d probably be more Green Party than Republican or Democrat because I think they’re all full of s—. I’d just want to do my own thing.”

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