David Tonnessen/Pacific Coast News
June 25, 2010 06:00 AM

• She may not be drinking – but Lindsay Lohan is still partying. The starlet ventured to Las Palmas in L.A., grabbing a spot in a booth where she danced in her seat. She also spent most of her time on her BlackBerry, occasionally chatting with friends before returning to her phone. But Lohan looked less-than-enthused, and snuck out a back door with her entourage after 1 a.m.

Demi Moore, dancing in her seat, drinking a bottle of water and celebrating New York hot spot Avenue’s one year anniversary with a gaggle of girlfriends.

• How to follow up a big movie premiere? For the cast of Grown Ups, including Salma Hayek, Adam Sandler and more, a steak dinner was in order. More than 50 guests, including the movie’s crew, dined at Uncle Jack s Steakhouse in New York City, laughing and indulging in porterhouse and Kobe beef.

Michelle Trachtenberg, hanging out all night and sipping drinks on the patio of West Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont. The actress was gossiping with friend and enjoying lively conversation, maintaining a perky and bubbly mood. “She spent the entire night beaming,” an onlooker says. She and her group also nibbled on some food during the relaxed evening. Also on the patio that night: a sophisticated-looking Claire Danes, who drank wine with two male companions.

Susan Sarandon, having a late night meal with business partner pal Jonathan Bricklin and a few friends at Cafeteria in New York. The actress was still on crutches, and sat between Brickin and another guy. She stayed with the younger crowd until the wee hours of the morning and left solo.


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