Plus: Amanda Bynes avoids her ex's friends, Ryan Phillippe and more

By People Staff
Updated January 23, 2009 06:00 AM
Credit: ODuran/Fame Pictures

Drew Barrymore, waiting in line at the bar during the Autolux concert at Hollywood’s Henry Fonda Theater. The actress, who’s frequently in the audience at indie rock shows, was there to check out the shoegazer band, and wore her platinum-blonde hair long and straight. And she had a plus-one, whom our onlooker describes as a “40-smething rocker type.”

Amanda Bynes just broke up with baseball player Doug Reinhardt – and ran into his friends while out at West Hollywood’s Crown Bar. Arriving with a girlfriend, Bynes looked like she wanted to say ‘hi’ to his friends, but eventually retreated to her own table on the other side of the bar. Within an hour as the club filled up, Bynes found the company of an unidentified male, who had his arm around her. The two talked closely – and he seemed interested in her.

Ryan Phillippe, getting a haircut at Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills. The actor looked casual in jeans and a T-shirt, and chatted about football throughout his cut. Also at the salon that weekend: Ashley Tisdale, who came in for Brazilian blowout with her mom and a friend.

Heather Locklear headed out to L.A.’s Madeo for dinner with two gal pals. Locklear was clad in white pants and a cream top, and “she looked really good,” says an onlooker, who adds: “She looked healthy and happy,” while laughing over drinks with her friends.

Isla Fisher, lunching with a pal at BondSt in the Thompson Beverly Hills Hotel. On the menu: sushi, of course! The funny lady ordered the half-roll special – part sundried tomato and avocado and part spicy tuna.


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