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March 14, 2008 06:00 AM

• She’s no diva! Jessica Simpson, patiently waiting for a table at the packed Grill on the Alley in Los Angeles. There for a late lunch, the singer, who just returned from Kuwait, settled into a chair and gabbed with her friend until she had a seat. Simpson eventually took a booth, and was joined by another friend for lunch.

• A very pregnant Jessica Alba, cheering from the audience at Bette Midler‘s Las Vegas revue “The Showgirl Must Go On” at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. While other celebs in the audience (Helen Hunt and Gladys Knight) headed backstage after the show, Alba took off right afterward, a source says.

Kate Bosworth, sharing a terrace table with her 21 costar Jim Sturgess at Nove Italiano at the Palms in Las Vegas. And the duo wasn’t alone: They were joined by 17 others, including fellow castmates, as they talked, sipped on wine and enjoyed a shot of tequila before heading upstairs to play Blackjack at the Playboy Club.

Paris Hilton, sipping champagne at Villa in West Hollywood while out with sister Nicky, Jeffrey Katzenbergand, of course, Benji Madden. Madden and Hilton were super affectionate, kissing and touching all night. And while Nicky was close by, Paris didn’t talk much to her sister, preferring instead to whisper in her boyfriend’s ear.


Rosario Dawson and Amy Smart, enjoying a long, makeup-free lunch at Little Next Door, a French café in Los Angeles. There with a friend, the ladies chatted over their light lunch which, for Dawson, included a bowl of French onion soup.


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