Plus: Paris scopes out the club scene with Hayden, Nicole & Joel and more

By People Staff
Updated January 16, 2009 06:00 AM
Credit: Doug Meszler / Splash News Online

Anne Hathaway, playing stylist for younger brother Tom, during a visit to New York vintage store What Comes Around Goes Around. The award-winning actress was helping her sibling pick out clothes for his semester abroad, and “bought him a bunch of things,” a source says. “Everything she tried on, she asked for his opinion as well.” The Bride Wars star ended up leaving with a little something for herself too: a Rosette dress.

Paris Hilton, giggling while scoping out the scene at West Hollywood’s Apple Lounge with Hayden Panettiere. The two checked out the crowd together and briefly chatted before the heiress ventured to an outside cabana with Evan Ross. There, she sat quietly, pouring drinks for friends and otherwise deflecting attention from herself. Panettiere, meanwhile, rejoined her girlfriends and posed for pictures with her pals at their table.

Nicole Richie, listening to Emile Hirsch talk about visiting Congo during a benefit for Raise Hope for Congo in the living room of a private residence in Los Angeles. There with Joel Madden, the starlet sat in rapt attention as the Milk actor told guests like Maria Bello how they could get involved in the charity, which raises awareness of sexual assault against women in the Congo. As she listened, Richie would discretely rub her beau’s leg, and he reciprocated by wrapping his arm around her shoulder and periodically playing with her hair.

Kate Bosworth, grabbing an outdoor seat at Joan’s on Third in L.A. The actress sipped lemonade and enjoyed light conversation – and chicken – during her low-key lunch date.

Amanda Bynes, stepping out sans Doug Reinhardt at Guy’s Lounge in West Hollywood. Looking flirty, the actress found herself in deep conversation with a cute guy on the couch. Reinhardt, meanwhile, was partying at Crown Bar that night, taking tequila shots and chatting up the ladies. He even was spotted kissing one blonde clubgoer briefly on the lips.

Mario Lopez, schmoozing with partygoers at the Chateau Marmont while celebrating the launch of publicist Howard Bragman‘s book Where’s My Fifteen Minutes. “He was really friendly, giving everyone he was introduced to a huge smile,” says a partygoer.


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