Plus: Avril's Las Vegas afterparty, Michelle Pfeiffer s 50th birthday celebration and more

By People Staff
Updated May 01, 2008 06:00 AM
Credit: Novo-Steve-Miki-Obi/ NAtional Photo Group

Victoria and David Beckham, being escorted to their table right under the deejay booth at West Hollywood’s Hyde. From the minute they sat down, Posh put her hand on the inside of her husband’s thigh and pretty much held on all night. She kissed him on the cheek, put her arm around him even while she was talking to the blond gal sitting next to her. Meanwhile, David Beckham perked up to the music, dancing in his seat as his wife happily looked on. Also there: Chris Evans and a new, brunette female friend.

Avril Lavigne throwing an afterparty at MOON Nightclub after playing at the Pearl at the Palms. Lavigne and her entourage of more than 20 people took the largest table and did shots, singing along to the music and partying well into the morning. Lavigne stuck to Chardonnay throughout the night, but looked mesmerized by the Le Tourment Trance Absinthe display with flames, sugar, and an absinthe faucet.

Michelle Pfeiffer, celebrating her 50th birthday at Ristorante La Stresa in Paris with friends and castmates from Stephen Frear’s Cheri, which she’s currently shooting. Minutes before she arrived, Pfeiffer’s husband David E. Kelley snuck a large white shopping bag into the restaurant.

Ethan Hawke, having a quiet dinner with his expectant girlfriend (and former nanny) Ryan Shawhughes at Matto in East Hampton, N.Y. He ordered the grilled swordfish with shaved fennel, arugula and orange, and she had the pizza del giorno which was with rapini and caramelized onions.


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