By Oliver Jones
Updated October 05, 2007 05:00 PM
Credit: Stephen Danelian

It was 20 years ago this month that “Tell It to My Heart” hit the charts and transformed her into a late-’80s dance-pop star. Now 45 and the single mother of 5-year-old twins Astaria and Levi, which she had by surrogate, Dayne is plotting a comeback.

On Taylor 20 years ago: When I look at photos and think about outfits I wore and things I did, it feels like lifetimes ago. I don’t relate to that girl now, and at times I wonder if I related to that girl even then. I look at her and say, “Was I like Amy Winehouse?” I had this hard exterior, but inside it was always mush.

On her next project: I just went in and rerecorded my greatest hits. First people were like, “Oh come on, Taylor, can you still sing like that?” To me, my voice is like wine: It has gotten richer and more textured. But I won’t knock what I did [in my 20s]. Some of those notes [I hit] were ridiculous. (Next year Dayne is aiming to release an album of new songs, tentatively titled Satisfied.)

On having kids by surrogate: Some women love being pregnant, but I didn’t need that. The idea of not being in a relationship and carrying a child was not an option because then I wouldn’t be viable for a relationship. I didn’t feel that any man was going to love me while I was carrying another man’s child.

On raising twins: They share a room, and they have a twin thing happening. I told Astaria that she was a girl and it was time she started thinking about her own room. And she said, “No, I sleep with Levi.” Levi was ready for his own space, but she was not having it.

On trying online dating: I think it’s very improbable that no one else like me has done it. Trust me. Chat rooms alone–are you kidding me? I did it very anonymously. I never told them [who I was] up front. Some I couldn’t wait to run away from. Some were good. Every scenario was different. This was three years ago, but now I am in a relationship.

On Britney’s Troubles: I feel for her. I didn’t [get started] until 18, which is when she was almost ready to retire. But only she can repair what is going on with her. Second to the President of the United States, the hardest job in the world is being a pop star.