By Serena Kappes
Updated August 18, 2004 06:00 AM

Age: 28
Hometown: New York City
Current gig: Plays rising star Vince Chase on HBO’s Entourage

Where you’ve seen him before: It depends on your taste. Grenier costarred with Melissa Joan Hart in the 1999 high-school romance Drive Me Crazy and appeared in a Britney Spears video for the movie’s soundtrack. The year before, he was a favorite at the Sundance Film Festival, playing a moody teen in the indie film The Adventures of Sebastian Cole.

How he got his Entourage: When Grenier was first approached last year for the series, he was studying Spanish in Mexico. His reaction? “I don’t do TV.” But the script changed his mind. Like his character, “the friends I have are friends I’ve had since high school, and I vowed to them that I would share the wealth if I ever got to that point,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

Who’s in his offscreen entourage: Grenier’s longtime girlfriend, a photographer whom he declines to name, still lives in New York, where he maintains a residence even while filming in Los Angeles. He is also close with his real-estate agent mom, Karesse: She even helped him decorate his L.A. apartment (which, ironically, doesn’t have cable yet). Not in Grenier’s circle: his father, John Dunbar, who never married his mother. Grenier’s 2002 documentary, Shot in the Dark, chronicles his search for Dunbar.

How he sees himself: “I have a sizable head,” Grenier told USA Today. “All my features are big – big eyebrows, big nose, big lips, big old tender earlobes, big hair. I have a lot of presence.” The actor, who’s of European and Apache descent, calls himself a “Native American white boy.”

What’s next?: Grenier, who plays guitar, bass and drums and has been in a few bands, would like to release an album some day, “even if it’s just on the Internet.”