Sacha Baron Cohen copes with Borat being public-enemy No. 1. Plus, more from Pam Anderson and other stars

By People Staff
Updated November 21, 2006 06:00 AM

• “I’ve been in a bizarre situation, where a country has declared me as its No. 1 enemy. It’s inherently a comic situation.”
Sacha Baron Cohen, on Kazakhstan’s not-so-favorable reaction to his character Borat, to Rolling Stone

• “You’ve got this Sacha Cohen upstart and he threatens to knock us off our powerful comedy-rock pedestal – not that he rocks, but just that he comedies.”
Tenacious D star Jack Black, on his film’s major competition, to Entertainment Weekly

• “We would never ever hire these people. We will never work with them because it goes against everything we believe in.”
Brad Pitt, adamantly defending bodyguards accused of starting a brawl and spewing racial slurs at a local Indian school, to India’s NDTV

• “I assume that the ‘surprise’ they are referring to is that I’m not on the cover.”
Stephen Colbert, on being named one of PEOPLE’s Sexiest Surprises in the annual Sexiest Man Alive issue, on The Colbert Report

• “I am happy again because I can have a family and David has another mother. He can now grow knowing that he has another mother in Malawi.”
Yohane Banda, the newly remarried father of the child Madonna is trying to adopt, to Reuters

• “If I was a gold-digger, I would have a lot of money in my bank account. I’d be worth millions and millions.”
Heather Mills, denying she married Paul McCartney for his money, to Extra

• “I actually bought her a laptop as a wrap gift and said, ‘Don’t throw this at anybody.’ “
Pam Anderson, on her present to costar Denise Richards after her on-set laptop-throwing incident, to PEOPLE

• “Eva Longoria is angrily denying rumors that she will be playing Beyoncé’s lesbian lover in a movie. So no one knows if the movie is real or just a dream I had.”
Conan O’Brien

• “He’s one of my closest friends and he’s someone very important in my life. He’s been always so good to me. He has a huge heart, she’s a wonderful woman and I just wish them happiness forever.”
Penelope Cruz, wishing ex Tom Cruise and new wife Katie Holmes well, to Ellen DeGeneres

• “I’m continuously Googling myself. And I Google myself in different languages too. I see what the Romanians are saying about me, or the Finns. Apparently I’m very popular, especially in Finland.”
The Office star Rainn Wilson, on keeping up with himself, to Parade