By Cynthia Wang
February 15, 2005 06:00 AM

She’s met the parents – but can the men themselves meet The Bachelorette’s expectations? Previously Jen Schefft, 28, cut fellow Chicagoan Wendell from the running, saying he was more like her best friend than a date, but his mom may have said it best: “I don’t get the feeling Jen’s as into Wendell as Wendell is into Jen.” Now see how the final two – Jerry and John Paul – stack up in Jen’s eyes, and place your bets with the odds that PEOPLE’s reality TV experts give each of them.

[IMAGE “1” “right” “std” ]Who: Jerry, 29, an art gallery director from Los Angeles
Hometown: Rochester, N.Y.
What he has going for him: Good looks
Possible deal breaker: He doesn’t spend a lot of time with his family
Family vibe: Skeptical. His brother Mike couldn’t tell Jen for sure whether Jerry was into her.
Jen’s bonding moment: She learned to spell her name in sign language so she could relate to Jerry’s mom, Paula, who is hearing impaired. “It’s nice to see (Jen) communicate with her,” he remarked.
Where he stands: Jen’s still clearly smitten with Jerry, who softened his slick image by showing her his private family life and introducing her to his mother. The chemistry is there – it bubbled over when Jen squealed while asking Jerry if he would accept her rose – but next week’s teasers hint at lingering doubts about his sincerity.
Odds: 5-2

[IMAGE “2” “left” “std” ]Who: John Paul, 25, an entrepreneur who still lives in his hometown of Oklahoma City, Okla.
What he has going for him: Owns his own well-appointed house
Possible deal breaker: He is deeply rooted in Oklahoma City
Family vibe: Comfortable. Jen got along famously with his mom, Suzy.
Jen’s bonding moment: After the family visit, John Paul finally felt at ease enough to kiss Jen while they sat by his backyard pool – and she said she could see herself fitting in just fine there.
Where he stands: John Paul is growing on Jen, and she’s starting to see past the issue of his being younger than she. She’s recognizing his maturity, and appears impressed with his happy home life. However, her attraction to John Paul is slow and steady – not like the instant attraction she shares with Jerry.
Odds: 4-1