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Zac Hanson and Wife Kate Expecting Baby No. 5, a Son: 'So Happy and Thankful'

The pair share four other children: Mary Lucille Diana, 4, George Abraham Walker, 7, Junia Rosa Ruth, 10, and John Ira Shepherd, 12

How Hanson's Upcoming (Themed!) Concert Series Is a 'Full Ecosystem' for Fans and Local Business

Hanson talks to PEOPLE about finding a new way to connect with fans, as well as looking forward to releasing a new album and hitting the road again in 2021

The Hanson Brothers Laugh About Having 13 Kids Among Them: 'They're Really, Really Close'

"We spend a lot of time together touring, in the studio and around each other, so our kids know each other really, really well," said Zac Hanson

Hanson Talk Pushing Their Musical Boundaries with New String Theory Symphonic Album

Taylor Hanson talks to PEOPLE about his band's new album String Theory, which the brothers arranged with the help of composer David Campbell

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MMM-Tots! Your Guide to the Ever-Growing Hanson Family Tree

Between the four (yes, four!) brothers, they have 13 — soon to be 15 — kids!

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A backstage and behind the scenes look at the artists who lent their voices to the new American Idol mentor's annual St. Jude benefit show

Hanson's Kids Steal the Show in Their New Music Video for 'I Was Born'

The brothers are celebrating 25 years together as a band