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In 2019, nine states — Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas, Utah and Alabama — passed gestational age bans limiting abortions past six, eight or eighteen weeks. Alabama legislators passed an even stricter bill that bans almost all abortions at any point in pregnancy. In 2021, the Supreme Court agreed to hear a Mississippi case on a law that bans abortions before 15 weeks, while refusing to hear a Texas case regarding a law that bans abortions after six weeks. Many experts believe that these cases could reinterpret the constitutional principles that make up the landmark Roe v. Wade decision; in that 1973 ruling, the court declared that unduly restricting a woman's access to abortion was a violation of the right to privacy guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

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With Roe vs. Wade in Danger, These True Stories from Women About Their Abortions Are More Powerful Than Ever
A naval officer. A widowed mother of six who was once anti-choice. An Orthodox Jewish woman pregnant with a much-wanted child. PEOPLE spoke to women about their abortion experiences to illustrate what's at stake
After Learning She Was 8 Weeks Pregnant, This Texas Woman Had to Travel 1,500 Miles for an Abortion
Under the highly restrictive ban on abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, she was unable to have the procedure in her home state of Texas
Mom of 3 on the Anxiety of Getting an Abortion Under Texas' New Law: 'I Was Crying a Lot'
Under the new law in Texas, people cannot get an abortion after more than six weeks of pregnancy, which left Abilene-based Mariah Armonta scrambling to get an appointment in time
'I Could Have Lost My Life': A Michigan Senator and His First Wife Share Their Abortion Story
"It's important for folks to understand that these things happen to folks every day," Gary Peters told Elle
Former Anti-Abortion Speaker on Planning to End Her Pregnancy After Becoming Widowed Mom of 6
Shannon Dingle explained in an op-ed why she considered terminating her pregnancy after her husband died unexpectedly last year
When I Discovered My Much-Wanted Baby Had Serious Abnormalities, I Made the Difficult Decision to Have an Abortion
Jessica, 34, is married and from Connecticut. In August 2016 when she was 31, Jessica became pregnant with the help of fertility treatments. When tests showed that the baby would have serious abnormalities and may not survive, she and her husband were faced with a difficult decision. She has chosen to remain anonymous, but shares her story in her own words.

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I Didn't Have an Abortion When I Got Pregnant at 17, but My Clinic Helped Me Understand My Options
Melanie Repert was 17 when she found out she was pregnant. She decided not to have an abortion, but describes in her own words how her local clinic in Baltimore, Maryland was an invaluable resource that helped her understand her options; the clinic then helped her navigate her pregnancy without insurance.
I Had to Drive Hours to Another State to Get an Abortion
Amie Guinn lives in Boonville, Missouri, far from an abortion clinic. When she needed to terminate her pregnancy, she had to travel to an Illinois clinic about 2.5 hours away. Her total travel time for her initial and follow-up appointments was about 10 hours — which she juggled with three jobs and raising two children, then 7 and 4.
My Federal Insurance Wouldn't Pay for My Medically Necessary Abortion

Mindy Woerter of Durham, Maine, 34, is a married mom with two daughters, now 4 and 2 years old. She hopes that by sharing her story of having to end a wanted pregnancy due to medical reasons, she can help reduce the stigma around the procedure so that other women in her situation feel less alone.