Wild Animals

Not-So-Sly Fox Rescued After Getting Stuck in a Tire Head First

The fox needed the help of the RSPCA, the London Fire Brigade and some heavy machinery to get free of the wheel
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Bear Attempts to Break Into Mercedes, But Owners Scream So Loud They Scare It Off

A viral video shows the bear expertly opening the car's passenger door before bolting after hearing screams from the car's owners
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More Wild Animals

China to Offer Buy-Outs to Farmers Raising Exotic Animals for Human Consumption: Report

The farmers will be offered the equivalent of $88 per porcupine, $84 per civet cat; $11 per kilogram of bamboo rat, and $17 per kilogram of cobra, king rattle or rat snakes

White-Tailed Eagle Returns to English Skies for First Time in 240 Years

The white-tailed eagle is the largest bird of prey found in the U.K.