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Why Nikki Reed Left Hollywood for Farm Life: 'Nature Is the Best Form of Therapy'
The Twilight alum moved to a farm with husband Ian Somerhalder and their daughter Bodhi to give the 4-year-old "the most normal life possible"
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You read that right: You can now get a Goop-approved side with your burger and fries
Mila Kunis Tells Ashton Kutcher She Uses 'Lunar Calendar' When He Catches Her Breaking Dry January
Ashton Kutcher caught his wife Mila Kunis red-handed as she made a drink on the last day of January
Judy Greer Feels 'Very Lucky' to Be an Actress in Her 40s: 'The Consciousness Is Shifting'
"This is such an interesting time in my life," Judy Greer tells PEOPLE while discussing her new role as founding partner of 40+ women's naturopathic wellness brand Wile

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