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White House Press Secretary Says Donald Trump 'Does Read' His Daily Intelligence Briefings

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany denied the idea President Donald Trump doesn't read his intelligence briefings, which contain matters of national security
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Putin Escalates Arms Race with U.S. and Says Russia Has Developed Hypersonic Missiles for Nukes

Russian president Vladimir Putin says Russia has deployed hypersonic weapons, becoming the first country to do so and escalating an arms race with the U.S.
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Vladimir Putin Falls on His Face and Tumbles During Hockey Game in Russia

Vladimir Putin participated in an annual exhibition hockey game in Sochi on Friday, but his game wasn't the most memorable part of the event
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Soccer Ball Putin Gave Donald Trump May Have a Transmitter Chip — But It’s Not What You Think

The soccer ball that Russian President Vladimir Putin gifted to President Donald Trump during their controversial meeting in Helsinki last week may have contained a transmitter chip, according to a new report from Bloomberg

Former Top Clinton Aide Blasts Air Horns At White House To Keep Trump Awake After Putin Summit

Former top Clinton aide kept President Trump awake with a protest as he came back from Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin