Virginia Tech Tragedy

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15 Years After Virginia Tech Shooting, Survivor Kristina Anderson Wants to 'Make Sure It's Never Forgotten'
Kristina Anderson started The Koshko Foundation to try to prevent shootings like the one at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007, which claimed the lives of 32 people and wounded 17 more, including her
Virginia Tech Shooting Survivor Who Still Has Bullets Lodged in Body Says Trauma 'Never Leaves'
Last month, six gun-violence survivors from around the country gathered together for a roundtable discussion to talk about the shootings that forever altered their world
A Virginia Tech Shooting Survivor Remembers the College Massacre 10 Years Later
This year marks a decade since a school shooting at Virginia Tech killed 32 people, in one of the country's worst mass shootings
Shooter's Family: 'We Are Living a Nightmare'
Seung-Hui Cho's sister apologizes for his "unspeakable actions" and prays for the victims
'I Played Dead'
Four students describe the horror at Virginia Tech, in their own words
Shooter Sent 'Disturbing' Package to NBC Between Rampages
The materials sent to NBC included a manifesto and videos of him ranting against the rich

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COVER STORY: Virginia Tech Witnesses Recall Chaos
People in the line of fire recount the horror inside Norris Hall – and one professor's stunning bravery
Virginia Tech Victims Mourned in Online Memorials
MySpace and Facebook pages see an outpouring of emotion from friends and family