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Faye Dunaway Cast in Kevin Spacey's First Film Since He Faced Sexual Assault Allegations (Report)
The movie's producer, Louis Nero, tells Variety that Faye Dunaway will play a "braille teacher who is an old friend of the blind protagonist"
Vanessa Redgrave Will Not Be Appearing Alongside Kevin Spacey in New Italian Film
Louis Nero, a producer on L'uomo Che Disegnò Dio, previously confirmed Kevin Spacey's involvement in the project and that Vanessa Redgrave would be appearing in the film if she could travel from England to Italy
Actress Joely Richardson's Favorite Vanessa Redgrave Role is 'Mom'
Joely Richardson loves so many of her mother Vanessa Redgraves' performances
Vanessa Redgrave on Daughter Natasha Richardson's Death 10 Years Later: 'It Never Becomes OK'
10 years after Natasha Richardson's tragic death in a ski accent, mother Vanessa Redgrave and sister Joely Richardson reflect to PEOPLE about coping with grief and honoring her memory
Vanessa Redgrave Teams Up with Daughter Joely Richardson in Trailer for The Aspern Papers
Vanessa Redgrave is joining forces with her daughter Joely Richardson in a new film

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Grieving Joely Richardson Returns to Work

The actress stars in TV movie after the funeral of her sister, Natasha