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The Most Historic Moments in Bachelor Nation History

From the first televised Bachelorette wedding to Matt James becoming the first Black Bachelor, here are the franchise's most historic moments 

Ryan Sutter Opens Up About No Longer Feeling ‘Alone’ amid Mystery Illness

“My wife went on a mission, developing a medical strategy and path towards hopeful answers,” Ryan Sutter wrote of wife Trista

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Ryan and Trista Sutter Ask for 'Privacy' After Revealing His Struggle with a Mystery Illness

Ryan shared Tuesday that he’s been dealing with health issues for five months, and “some days I can barely get out of bed”

Ryan Sutter Details Symptoms of His Mystery Illness: 'Some Days I Can Barely Get Out of Bed'

The former Bachelorette contestant said his health problems began after starting an 18-week training course with the Denver Fire Department in February

Ryan Sutter Says He Still Can't Watch Wife Trista's Season of The Bachelorette — 17 Years Later

The father of two says it's "always been really uncomfortable for me"