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Tom Brokaw Retiring from NBC News After 55 Years

The veteran anchor has been a senior correspondent for the network in recent years

Tom Brokaw Says His Cancer Treatments Cost Nearly $10,000 a Week

The longtime newscaster said that current politics keep him from “dwelling” on his incurable cancer

George P. Bush Speaks Out After Tom Brokaw's Comment About Hispanics and 'Brown Grandbabies'

Legendary TV anchor Tom Brokaw said Hispanics "work harder at assimilation" into American culture and some people are worried about "brown grandbabies"

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David Letterman Calls Donald Trump 'Repugnant to People ... He's Despicable'

Of Trump's presumptive nomination, Letterman says, "You hear 'the great thing about America is anybody can grow up to be President' – ooh, jeez"