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Joe Kennedy III Becomes the First in His Famed Political Family to Lose Election in Massachusetts

"I am so proud of what we built together. I’d do it with you all again in a heartbeat," said the Massachusetts congressman after losing the Democratic primary for the Senate race

JFK Jr. Would Have Gone on to Be President If He Hadn't Died in Plane Crash, Friend Believes

"At first, he ran from his father's legacy and he ended up running in circles," Steven M. Gillon says of President John F. Kennedy's son. "At the end of his life, he wanted to embrace his father's legacy"

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Tim Shriver Says Family Has Been ‘Sticking Together’ as They Remember Cousin Maeve Kennedy

"We were telling stories yesterday about how she could navigate tensions in our family in a way that no one before and no one since has been able to do,” says cousin Tim Shriver

Jean Kennedy Smith Dies at 92: A Look Into John F. Kennedy's Famous Siblings

The former president's immediate family consisted of nine brothers and sisters, most of whom were involved in politics