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Tess Holliday Responds to Critic 'Grossed Out' by Her, Says 'Weight Fluctuates' but She 'Maintains Joy'
The model and body activist shared a TikTok video explaining the importance of happiness within
Tess Holliday Is 'Really Struggling' with Her Body Image: 'It's Been Almost Debilitating'
The model has been working on healing her relationship with her body after sharing last year that she has anorexia
Mandy Moore Recruits This Is Us Co-Stars, Hilary Duff, Wilmer Valderrama & More for 'In Real Life' Video
Mandy Moore's new music video also includes stars like Skylar Astin, Amanda Kloots, Tess Holliday and Karamo Brown
Tess Holliday Says Weight-Bias Led to Delayed Anorexia Diagnosis: 'I Could Have Gotten Help Sooner'
The model and body activist opened up about how it felt to hear she had anorexia: "I had no idea that it could be me"
Tess Holliday Realized Her Anorexia Stems from Being Told 'I Don't Deserve to Feed My Body'
The model and body activist said she's finally "starting to try and feed my body and not be hard on myself"
Tess Holliday Had the Perfect Response to a Woman Who Body Shamed Her in a Waiting Room
Holliday says she told the woman, "'Ma'am, I am one of the most famous plus-size models in the world; I think I’m doing okay' "

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Tess Holliday Tries Her First-Ever Big Mac After Body-Shaming Followers Tell Her to 'Lay Off' of Them
The model's friend joked that "she’s the worst fat person in the world because she has not eaten so many staple fat foods"
Tess Holliday Says She's 'Regressed' in Her Anorexia Recovery: 'This Has Been Extremely Hard'
The model shared in May that she was diagnosed with the eating disorder and says in a new essay she still struggles with "wrapping my head around" having anorexia
Eating Disorder Expert Says Anorexia Can Affect All Body Sizes: It 'Doesn't Have One Look'

Tess Holliday shared that she is in recovery from anorexia, and has experienced the stigma of having what experts call an "atypical eating disorder"