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Taylor Kitsch also tells PEOPLE Now about learning to play the guitar for his role as the cult leader
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Lone survivor Brendan McDonough and Only the Brave moviemakers honor the Granite Mountain Hotshots killed in Arizona in 2013
Taylor Kitsch Reveals He Lost 30 Lbs. to Play Cult Leader David Koresh in Waco
Taylor Kitsch is opening up about his months-long weight loss journey he underwent to play cult leader David Koresh in his new film, Waco

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Tragedy Looms For Taylor Kitsch and Michael Shannon in Waco Teaser Trailer
Taylor Kitsch stars as — and looks eerily similar to — cult leader David Koresh, alongside Michael Shannon as lead FBI negotiator Gary Noesner, in a first look at the six-part limited series

True Detective Season 2 Finale Review: Multiplying Corpses, Dwindling Fascination

The episode's chief impression was never the "aha" of another piece falling into place, only a certain relief that you had one less minor, confusingly defined villain to worry about